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Reasonable Effectiveness Of Mathematics In Natural Sciences

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I Am Leaving Medium After 18 Months — Here Is Why

And, yes, this is my first (also last) clickbait-y title When I joined Medium back in April 2020, Medium used to be a blog that contained interesting pieces of writing. Home page used to be curated with a bunch of interesting stuff. I remember, an article by Barack Obama remained on the home page for…

Many Scientists are Writing the Right Science the Wrong Way

Here’s how not to miss the point with your scientific writings “Medieval ‘scientists’ (alchemists, for instance) generally thought of themselves as solitary workers who would penetrate nature’s secrets for their own gain. Thus, if they wrote their findings down at all, it was to claim priority or to make notes for their own use —…

World’s Pharmacy Can’t Provide Free Vaccine to Its People

Vaccine production is backed by taxpayers’ money. And Indians are paying a premium price for their shots. Do we pay taxes? Yes, we do. Why do we pay taxes? To develop our beloved nation and for the sake of our own prosperity. Does the money get utilized for that purpose? That’s the elephant in the…

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

Benjamin Franklin